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About Youth Focused Policing

Police Officer talking with a young girl

Youth Focused Policing (YFP) is a proactive intervention strategy to enable police to intervene with youth to reduce crime, victimization, long-term health and criminal justice costs and prolonged involvement in the criminal justice system.

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Training and Technical Assistance

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No-cost training workshops and technical assistance are available to law enforcement and juvenile justice professionals nationwide.

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In The News

  • 6/8/2015 Adverse Childhood Experiences Impact Illness, Unemployment and Disability

    Trapped in a culture of blame, shame and punishment, too many people are thrown in jail, suspended from school and re-traumatized in caregiving situations when what they need is understanding what’s happened to them, nurturing safety and a chance to heal themselves. Read more.

  • 6/4/2015 Raise The Age, Save Kids' Futures

    New York has an historic opportunity to reform our criminal justice system's approach to young offenders in ways that will make our communities safer and provide positive direction for these young people. These proposals would raise the State's age of criminal responsibility as an adult to 18 and provide more appropriate handling of young defendants' criminal cases. It is time to enact these reforms.  Read more.