Youth Focused Policing (YFP) is a proactive strategy to enable police to intervene with youth to reduce delinquency, crime, victimization, long-term health and criminal justice costs and prolonged involvement in the juvenile and criminal justice systems. This website contains information and resources to assist law enforcement in delivering YFP within their communities through the development and improvement of youth programs.


IACP, in partnership with the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, launched the Youth Focused Policing Online Resource Center in October 2011. The YFP Resource Center provides law enforcement with:

  • a clearinghouse of information and resources relating to youth crime, delinquency and victimization
  • a searchable directory of law enforcement programs and services for youth from across the nation
  • training and technical assistance available in the areas of juvenile justice, children exposed to violence, and child sex trafficking
  • information on IACP’s projects and resources
  • a secure discussion forum for law enforcement officials to share information, obtain resources, and exchange ideas
  • a searchable resource library, including sample documents from law enforcement programs for youth such as brochures, applications, and program flyers as well as juvenile justice and child protection policies, procedures, and reports
  • an online guide to evaluating law enforcement youth program(s)


IACP, in partnership with OJJDP, is developing evidence-based and best practice Youth Focused Policing strategies to reduce juvenile offending, re-offending and victimization in two pilot cities. Since 2010, IACP has:

  • selected and engaged two pilot sites
  • developed and operationalized a YFP strategic plan
  • developed a data collection instrument for law enforcement agency youth program evaluation
  • launched development of a YFP self-assessment tool for law enforcement