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Doral Police Project Scout

Doral Police Department Neighborhood Resources Unit

The City of Doral Police Departments Neighborhood Resources Unit (NRU) initiated this program in 2014. The goal of the program is to have more positive interactions with children in our community and to paint police officers in a positive light. Often times, children see the police in times that they negatively associate with (e.g., Domestic Calls, Traffic Stops where their parent is issued a Traffic Citation). This campaign reinforces good behavior of children in the community and positive interactions with the police department. Each officer assigned to the campaign issues at least one “good behavior ticket” per shift in targeted communities.

Officers go out into the community and have been recognizing good/positive behaviors displayed by our youth (e.g., Wearing a helmet while riding a bike, Crossing the street at the crosswalk). For things like behaving well, playing sports or becoming involved in community service, children (elementary, middle and high school children) get a good behavior certificate and something donated from a local business. We have partnered with the Miami Marlins, Chic Fil-A, McDonalds and several other local businesses and children receive many rewards (e.g., Marlin tickets, Ice Cream vouchers). The program is run off donations from local businesses and has been a very positive experience in our community. In certain neighborhoods, when children see the police they now interact with us in a very positive manner. This in turn has improved relations with our residents in general and led to more open lines of communication in our community.

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