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The Resource Library is a searchable database of publications related to juvenile justice and child protection. It includes sample documents provided by law enforcement agencies that run programs and services for youth, including forms, applications, brochures and policies. Users are able to share and search for documents related to youth programs (e.g. a sample brochure or application for an afterschool program for adolescent girls by a city police department). The Resource Library also includes links to publications relating to various issues in juvenile justice and youth-police interactions, (e.g. a report on youth attitudes toward the police in a community), as well as tools and resources on best practices for law enforcement agencies to effectively identify and respond to children exposed to violence (e.g. state law on law enforcement response to child abuse and neglect) and child sex trafficking (e.g. an indicator card for law enforcement to identify child victims).

Additionally, the Youth Focused Policing Resource Center offers:

  • Fast Facts: Illustrates challenges and successes law enforcement experience when working with children exposed to violence, child sex trafficking, juvenile justice and youth focused policing.
  • News: Provides current news articles on youth police programs across the nation, various strategies police departments are using to address juvenile delinquency, and other contemporary issues in juvenile justice and child protection.
  • External Links: Serves as a reference list for external websites on various topic areas, including children exposed to violence, child sex trafficking, juvenile justice, training and technical assistance, gender-specific programming, and school safety.

If you would like to submit resources to be included in the Resource Library, contact us at or 1-800-THE-IACP x 831.

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