Partnerships for Safe Schools Course Description

This document provides an overview of IACP's Partnerships for Safe Schools two-day training course. The course introduces principles of school safety, presents model school safety programs, and demonstrates critical incident management techniques.


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  • National

Programs & Services

  • Early Childhood Development

    Programs or services for elementary-aged youth.

  • Life/Interpersonal Skills

    Programs or services that educate youth on building life and interpersonal skills such as self-esteem, anger control, and valuing education, health, relationships.

  • Self Defense/Personal Safety

    Programs or services that teach youth self defense and personal safety techniques.

  • Police - Youth Interaction

    Programs designed to improve the quality of interaction between law enforcement and youth.

Risks & Issues

  • Drugs/Alcohol

  • Gangs/Street Organizations

  • Guns/Firearms

  • Internet/Online Safety

  • Property Crimes/Burglary/Theft

  • School Safety

  • Truancy

  • Violence

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